Business opportunities in The Netherlands

There are a lot of business opportunities in The Netherlands for foreign company owners. The company called ‘set-up your Dutch company’ can provide you all the information and services needed to start a company in the Netherlands on distance. The Netherlands offers a lot of opportunities to start a business, also because of the low tax amounts and simplified requirements which allowing entrepreneurs to incorporate private companies with much less capital than before.


Business in the Netherlands

The Dutch Chamber of commerce, in Dutch called ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ (KvK) is the business institution where you can quickly and easily set up your own company. It offers every new business owner great resources and provides in all the information you’ll need for starting your Dutch business.

The KVK offers several legal forms in business structure;

– a one-person business, called ‘eenmanszaak’

– a partnership, called ‘vennootschap onder firma’(VOF)

– a limited partnership, called ‘commanditaire vennootschap’ (CV)

– a private company, called ‘besloten vennootschap’ (BV).

All the company structures have their advantages, but the BV is the most common form and has the least requirements. For more information about the business opportunities in The Netherlands, you can contact the ‘set-up your Dutch company’ team by phone, email or by filling in their contact form on the website.