Used marine generator sets

Used marine generator sets are reliable, but you have to judge how the previous owner used and treated the machine before buying. If you do not know what you need to look for, you should seek help from a certified technician. They will help you make a worthwhile purchase that fits your marine vessel needs. Without identifying potential problems, you might buy a generator set that will cost you a lot more money in repairs. Where you get the used marine generator is also crucial, a reputable supplier will help you with customization and repairs. These two are pre-owned marine generator sets that are worth investing in.

Used marine generator sets
  1. ScaniaDI12 Generator Set


Power: 300 HP

RPM: 1800

Phase: 3

Kva: 295

Dimension, LxWxH: 300x100x140 com

Weight: 3500kg

Frequency: 50 Hz


  • 1x24v starter
  • Water-cooled
  • 14-inch flywheel
  • Electrical governor
  • Expansion tank
  • Raw water pump


  • Maintenance requirements are very low for diesel generator sets
  • The expansion tank allows expansion when the temperatures are high
  • Water-cooled generators are ideal for marine use
  • The power output is reliable for a range of marine power needs
  • The raw water pump is a plus in the cooling system
  1. Iveco FPT F4GE 0455A – F650 Generator Set


Power: 77HP

RPM: 1500

Voltage: 380v

Frequency: 50 Hz

Kva: 60

Dimensions, LxWxH: 180x70x150

Weight: 850kg

Year of manufacturing: 2013


  • Mechanical governor
  • Radiator-cooled
  • Expansion tank
  • Panel
  • 1x12v starter
  • Skid


  • The portable generator set can be used in different marine vessels
  • The radiator helps in cooling the machine by transferring heat to the surrounding air
  • With proper care, the generator set will serve you for a long time
  • The mechanical governor detects changes in loads and adjusts accordingly


You have to weigh between all the available used marine generator sets when shopping for new equipment for your vessel. The power output, cooling system and exhaust have to be correct. You also have to figure out if there are any environmental restrictions for the generator set. The machine you buy must be seaworthy and still in good shape.